With the rising number of COVID-19 cases in Nigeria and the world, we are looking at ways to help slow down the spread of the Coronavirus. Cloth masks can be alternatives to medical masks, which the general populace cannot afford. #MaskUpNigeria seeks to provide free masks for the Nigerian people who are struggling during these trying times. With your help we will provide free masks for the poor and vulnerable in the society. We ask you to join us and make this happen. Please join Us.

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We aim to help people identify where their funds will be most appropriate in tackling healthcare issues.

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Angel Projects

These projects are a way of making sure that any identified problem that is brought up or identified is tackled in a sustainable manner.

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Who We Are

Resolve is an organization offering companies and individuals the opportunity to execute good deeds, corporate social responsibility, sustainability and charity projects through its platform, without the hassle of creating an individual vehicle to execute these projects.

How Resolve Works

Volunteer Your Time

Volunteer your spare time helping Resolve see and execute some causes.

Start Campaign

Would you like to start a campaign to raise money for a cause that you believe in or want to want help another individual with?


You can donate to one or more of the causes on the Resolve Foundation Platform by clicking on……..

Corporate Partnership

Partner with Resolve Foundation and a get a Resolve CSR badge for your CSR page


Education should be a basic right for every child, however this isn’t the case in Nigeria and some parts of the world. Children do not go to school because of various reasons ranging from being indigent, cultural values and the lack of accessible education. In some areas where they do have schools to attend, the …

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Healthcare is another basic right that people should have, unfortunately this isn’t also the case in most communities. Child mortality incidents have taken a turn for the worse, hospitals turn back people who need attention because of a whole range of issues, bill payment, lack of expertise to treat the ailment/disease, over crowding e.t.c. At …

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Angel projects are projects that people identify and want to help with. They may or may not be healthcare and educational issues. Individuals and organisations who decide to intervene in any area and need a sustainable approach to tackling the issues will find a partner in Resolve. Angel projects are a way of making sure …

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