About Us

Resolve is an organization offering companies and individuals the opportunity to execute good deeds, corporate social responsibility, sustainability and charity projects through its platform, without the hassle of creating an individual vehicle to execute these projects.

The Resolve platform was borne due to the lack of reliable channels available to individuals and organizations looking to put their monies, earnings or profit towards charitable causes.

We strongly believe that there is an urgent need to intervene in the various gaps especially in the health care and educational sectors in Nigeria. Resolve has observed, based on numerous surveys that people/donors need reassurance that their contributions are indeed going into genuine charitable causes and are being used for same.

Most donors worry about the legitimacy of the causes to which they are asked to contribute and this discourages some donors, which in turn puts those in dire need at a disadvantage.

Resolve counteracts this problem by ensuring that adequate checks are carried out on the problems and plights of people, followed by a careful selection of eligible donee prior to presenting them on it’s platform.

Our Mission

To provide a credible, fully functional engine for sustainable development, genuine charitable causes, corporate social responsibility and welfare projects.

Our Vision

The Resolve Foundation is poised to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy. At every stage of our human development, ‘giving’ is innate within us. We aim to inspire hope and we are dedicated to enriching and transforming lives through impactful humanitarian programs.

Our Values

Integrity, honesty and transparency as the hallmark of our unwavering standards. Through the power of creative collaboration, we transform lives through our humanitarian efforts. We maximize our impact with a high level of commitment to genuine charitable causes in the community.

The inspiration for The Resolve Foundation was borne out of the need to improve the lives of the less privileged through sustainable initiatives. According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCA), 125 million people needed humanitarian assistance worldwide in 2016. This figure increases yearly despite various humanitarian efforts and charitable causes. At Resolve, we understand these problems and believe that respect for human rights, professionalism and the right coordination can improve our humanitarian efforts. This is why we have combined our years of experience in project management with our team of professional and experienced development facilitators to create a platform for you to impact the world.

  1. To create a platform for humanitarians to implement social development projects
  2. To strengthen and organize CSR activities in Nigeria and internationally
  3. To serve as a credible link between donors and beneficiaries

Accountability: We will honor the public’s trust by maintaining the highest standards of ethics, stewardship, integrity, honesty and transparency.

Accessibility: We will ensure all stakeholders equitable access to The Resolve Foundation.

Advocacy: We will be the voice in the community about social inequalities and speak out for those who do not have a voice. We will maintain and communicate information to others.

Availability: We will ensure that qualitative service delivery and related supplies (where needed) are available throughout our service area.

Collaboration: We will actively seek to form and broaden collaborations committed to furthering our principal mission. We also embrace opportunities through partnerships with other organizations.

Service: We will serve others in a courteous, sensitive and compassionate manner.

At Resolve Foundation, we hold ourselves accountable to our stakeholders by adopting, rethinking and improving our processes, practices, and operating structures. Our stakeholders constitute our accountability community.  Further to this principle, we believe that good governance – corporate governance, IT governance, financial governance, environmental governance, social governance, as well impact governance – is a primary form of accountability.

As a mission- and vision- based organization, we adopt formal structures that promote predictability of corporate behaviour and insist on the highest professional and ethical standards. We adopt resource management and mobilization policies that engender donor confidence and strengthen success-critical partnerships. This helps us remain responsive to the communities we serve and maximize our desired impact and outcomes.

We maximize impact by adopting strict eligibility procedures and processes that eliminate the risk of scarce donor resources falling into the wrongs hands or being deployed to the wrong purposes. Apart from structured questionnaires administered
and professionally vetted by way of background checks, impact area assessment, site visitations and inspections, as well as interviews. A combination of the above procedures de-risks our operations to comfortable levels and enable us focus on the
most important element of our work -monitoring and measurement of impact.

Our Team


Oswald Osaretin Guobadia

Oswald Osaretin Guobadia is the Executive Vice President and founding partner of DBH Solutions. He has over 20 years practical experience in technology and business strategy development. Over the course of his career, Mr. Guobadia has had extensive board-level and transformational leadership experience. His core values and interests span venture capitalism and entrepreneurship, where he has significant vested interests in startups mentoring and funding.

With a proven record, he has provided strategic leadership and service in mature economies, as well as in emerging markets. A positive force for change, he strongly believes in initiatives that give back to the society through meaningful and collaborative social welfare programs.


Ijeoma Aso

Experienced professional with diverse skills, ranging from corporate communications, International development and commercial transactions. A proven history of strategically delivering on the entire gamut of corporate communication and a thematic range of sustainable developmental goals which include: education, environment, economic empowerment, health-care, socio-economic and gender equality.

A collaborator with strong leadership skills, interpersonal skills, effective planning, implementation and good decision-making .


Yen Choi

Yen Choi is a technology entrepreneur and is currently the Group Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Netcom Africa, a pan African Network infrastructure and Managed Services company since 2003.  Prior to coming to Nigeria, he was Vice President or Operations at Speedcast, a telecommunications company in Hong Kong.  He is no stranger to innovation and active in the technology community.

He is on the board and also an advisor to several organizations including: Nigerian Internet Exchange – the largest internet exchange in Africa, Fibersat – Building a high throughout 4th generation High Throughput Satellite  for Africa, Spacefab.us – building a space telescope with the ultimate goal of exponential space mining & manufacturing, Ignitia – provider of hyper accurate weather forecast using AI for agriculture and oil and gas.


Jacqueline Aki

Jacqueline Aki is the Managing Director at James Cubitt Interiors. As an advocate for education, she has mentored young professionals in her field, equipping them with the knowledge and experience they need to strive. With her 20 years of experience and training, she continues to innovate, collaborating with experts and bodies to increase the standards of Interior Architecture in Africa through various international projects. She is affiliated with the Nigerian Institute of Builders (NIOB), Interior Design Association of Nigeria (IDAN). Jacqueline Aki is a collaborator, an innovator, and a believer in the good that comes from impacting others.