Corporate Partnership

Why Partner With Resolve?

Our vision at Resolve is a society where gross inequalities are reversed. As an individual or corporate partner, you are directly integrated in support of our mission. A fully optimal partnership can produce desired results because at Resolve, resource contribution is valuable collaboration. Outlined below are the benefits of the partnerships and the values which underpin partnership at The Resolve Foundation:

  1. Transparency
  2. Building trust
  3. Scaling-up impact
  4. Balancing values of solidarity with the need for donor accountability
  5. Greater impact and effectiveness of our humanitarian activities as more resources would be mobilized
  6. Greater participation in humanitarian causes – as a donor, your every kobo counts
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Initiative(s) designated for funds
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Joint Value Proposition:

The Resolve Foundation proposes three categories of partnership:

  1. Platinum Partnership – Donation amount of three million naira (NGN 3,000,000) and above per annum
  2. Gold Partnership – Donation amount from one million naira (NGN 1,000,000) and above per annum
  3. Silver Partnership – Donation amount from two hundred thousand (NGN 200,000) and above per annum


By choosing and signing up for a Partnership Plan, The Resolve Foundation would insert your organizational name and logo in the relevant category on the partners’ section of our website (unless where the partner states otherwise).
The information contained herein in this Partnership Plan is solely in accordance with the terms and obligations of this Agreement and not for any other purpose. The Resolve Foundation assumes all obligations connected with the realization of the projects within the framework of the proposed activities for corporate social responsibility.

Thank you for your support!